Coming up this semester! Let's remember to Choose Health—and learn skills to make any task a better experience.


First, print this Educator List of Prompts to share with your students to get them thinking about enjoying life and what makes them happy. This Student List of Prompts page is easy to cut and share so students can work on their artwork or stories from home. 

There are two ways to participate:

1. Email Time to Rhyme or Word! poetry student responses to
2. Turn in your student artwork or story submissions about "Today I Choose Health" to Let your students know their stories and art can reflect many different aspects of health and living a healthy life. They can draw or write about how they stay healthy -- or they can draw or write about things they want to be better at -- some new healthy habits they want to work on!

Submissions are due in the fall of 2024 (deadline date to come)

If needed, here is a parent permission form for student involvement. For your records. Not required for submission.


There are two ways to submit your stories or artwork.
1. You can directly email with attachments 

2. You can mail your stories and artwork to:
1441B W. Wrightwood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614 




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