That’s Weird Grandma

By Amilo Rajandram (age 10)
Alcott Elementary School

I went to see a play called That’s Weird Grandma, performed by Barrel of Monkeys. This is a series of 16 short plays that are really witty and humorous. It shows at the Neo Futurists Theater on 5153 N Ashland Avenue. The production started on October 7th 2018 and ends on February 17th 2019, but the sketches change every few weeks.

The production is made up of short sketches, ranging from “King Banana-face” to current political affairs, most of them involving ludicrous plots. A remarkable aspect is that children in Chicago Public Schools write these short stories, to be performed by adults. The performances change every few weeks, so more children benefit by having their stories acted out. At the end of the performance, you can write down which two stories were your favorite.

The actors were very joyful when performing these funny shows. There were many wigs that the people wore of varying colors and styles. The production was held in a small theatre. Nevertheless, the costumes and props were marvelous – sometimes they had to change into their costumes really fast. The sound quality was really good that you could hear narrators talking into the microphone in the background clearly.

The music and songs were catchy and hilariously cheesy and almost every sketch was accompanied by a song or music.

Overall, I think the play was spectacular, because it was nice to have many short shows instead of one long play for a change. I would recommend an age range of 4-8 years, although some older people might also enjoy it.

Catch the Star Studded Stories before they end!

Neo Futurists Theater
5153 N Ashland Avenue