The Selection

Our first book review that we’ll be doing is about a book called the Selection. The book is about a girl from the future who is chosen to compete in a competition for the prince’s hand. But there’s one catch. She’s already in love. We really recommend this book and the whole series of five.

Where do we start? This is such a great book. It starts off with America (the main character) debating whether or not to join the Selection with her secret boyfriend, Aspen, and her mom. Her mom wants her to because the family will be compensated greatly and they will become Threes. Now, before you start scratching your head about what a Three is, let me explain this country’s history…

The 3WW started when America (the country) was in terrible debt to China. China decided to attack America to get the money themselves. Sadly, America didn’t have the money and they ended up forming The United Peoples of China. At this point, this new country was weak so Russia decided to try and take them by force. When Russia attacked, starting WW4, both North and South America banded together to fight off Russia, with Gregory Illea at the lead. After the Americas prevailed, they all came together and created Illea. King Gregory created Castes which decided what certain people could profession in. You had to take the same profession as your parents and when you married the family took on the caste of the husband.

Back to reality, America (the girl) and her family are Fives, the arts like singing and painting, and are poorer than most. Aspen is a Six, who does housekeeping, and America’s neighbor. One evening, when Aspen and America were meeting in the treehouse, Aspen insists that America enters the Selection so he doesn’t hold her back. America caves and enters, and surprisingly, she is one of the top 35 girls who will try to win him over. The prince admits he likes America and America admits that she might have feelings for him too. To find out what happens next, you have to read the book. And possibly watch the movie.

I really like this book because there are so many good twists and it has many challenges that are needed to overcome. The only part I don’t like is the bully Celeste. What I mean by this is Kiera Cass is such a good writer and makes Celeste easy to hate which is actually a good thing. Every story needs a bully. The only other negative about this amazing book is that it moves a little too quickly. But all-in-all this is a great book that I definitely recommend for 5th+.