Good Morning Rachel,
I just wanted to tell you how excited my students, parents, colleagues, and administration was to see our Evers’ students work featured in StudentsXpress magazine. I presented it to my students remotely and some of my parents came to the camera and were so excited to see the student’s work in a magazine!
Thank you again for all you do,
—Diana at Evers Elementary

My favorite aspect of the magazine is that it gives my students a chance to have their writing published. It is very important that students see that the adults in their lives care enough about what they are thinking to put it in a forum like StudentsXpress. It’s also a great way to share and connect with other schools.”
—Jack Sullivan, Nettelhorst Elementary, Lakeview

“My kids absolutely loved it! They were so excited to see that someone thought their writing had enough merit to publish it, and they got a kick out of having others read their work. What tickled me most was the encouragement they gave each other when they read their peers’ writing. I heard kids tell each other, “I really like what you wrote!” It’s great to know that the children have an authentic audience for their writing, and that they know they are not just writing for a teacher. I’m glad our students participate in StudentsXpress.”
—Michelle Knight, Alcott Elementary, Lincoln Park

“The families and students are very motivated to actually see their work in print. It is a great selling point from our Literature and Writing Magnet Cluster perspective!”
—Mary Beth Cunat, Burley Elementary, Lincoln Park

“When I saw the finished magazine with my work in it, I felt like I had accomplished something great. I have never seen my work published so I also felt pleasure blooming inside me. I was very excited and it made me motivated to write more!”
—Sophia Mastroianni, Student, Nettelhorst Elementary, Lakeview

Hi Rachel,
I just found a random note that I had written down comments students made as they received and read the last issue of Studentsxpress. Our students submitted work for the first time, and when we passed out the current issue with their writing, here are some comments I overheard:
“Oh my gosh this is SO AWESOME!”
“I’m saving this forever!”
“I can’t believe my writing is _published_!”
The squeals and outward joy were so funny because these are middle school students. They rarely show this excitement! To see their smiles and pride after finding their published work is something I’ll definitely remember. It was one of those teaching moments that we carry with us! Thanks for all your hard work for making these moments possible!
—Nora Wiltse, Coonley Elementary

We received our copies of StudentsXpress.  Our two published girls were so excited to see their work in print.
Thank you,
—Debby Polak, Evergreen Middle School

Hi Rachel,
My kids at Wildwood brought home the issue of your StudentsXpress a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. What a wonderful opportunity you have provided for them!
Thanks so much,
—Mary, Seventh Grade Language Arts Teacher, Bateman Elementary

StudentXpress has given my students one of the greatest gifts—their voice. Too often, students are given work and then tested ad nauseam to make sure they are meeting CCSS. There leaves very little time for students to express themselves in a creative way, whether it be through writing a poem, story, and/or drawing a picture. Plus, many schools don’t even have any sort of art program, so our students don’t have any outlet to express themselves. StudentsXpress accomplishes this goal and many more. I cannot tell you how excited my students get when they find their work in the newspaper knowing their work is being seen by thousands throughout the city. They never get that excited when I return essays! I can only hope that others can have this same great experience.
—Andrea Dydo, Teacher at Dubois Elementary

Hello Rachel,
Thank you so much for including us in this month’s issue. We got our copies yesterday. The teachers were excited, but the students were elated and proud to see their artwork and other student’s work too. The whole school is buzzing about our students being “published”. The teachers, parents, and students are soooo proud of seeing their artwork in a magazine! Thank you again so much. We are looking forward to next issue about HEALTH.
—Diana Monroe, Kindergarten teacher, Medgar Evers Fine & Performing Arts School

Thank you for publishing this wonderful newspaper. My daughter’s piece was in there and she was so proud. I am a Chicago public school teacher and know that self esteem comes from accomplishment. Thanks for contributing to that.
—Dawn Kulich, Parent, Teacher, Lane Tech CPHS

Dear Rachel,
We just wanted to let you know how thrilled our students were to see their published work. Thank you for all of your hard work! Looking forward to the next issue.
—Vicki Nissim, Waters School

I just took my first quick peek at the publication– wow! wow! and more wow! Great job!
—Stacie Gorfinkle, Ames Middle School

Thank you so much, this is such a fun and wonderful way to get our children writing and drawing! Can’t wait to work on the next issue!
—Ally Lang, Librarian and Parent, Hamilton Elementary

Hello Rachel,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the invite to this [StudentsXpress SPEAKS! event at Printers Row Lit Fest]. It was truly amazing seeing and hearing all of the young writers read and express their thoughts. I can personally say that my daughter enjoyed herself! You can count on my donation to help with funding now and going forward! Please continue your good work, God Bless:-)
—ShaValerie Roberson, Parent, Pershing Elementary

Good Morning, Rachel.
I have a special needs kid that was over the moon seeing her work published.
—Fifth Grade Teacher

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for the awesome opportunity for our students to showcase their art in the StudentsXpress publication. I appreciate all that you do.

—Krystal Grover-Webb, Teacher, Wentworth Elementary