Hello Universe

Recently I have read a book for an extracurricular activity (Battle of the Books). The book I picked was Hello Universe. I was really happy with the book. It was a unique book because it was written in different perspectives. It was written in the perspectives of Kaori, a physic, Valencia Somerset, a student, Chet Bullens, a bully, and the main character, Virgil.

The book really helps you get to know the characters as more than half the book was just building up to the main idea. But most of the beginning was giving you details about the characters and what they do every day. In the book you learn many surprising things about the characters. There are a few twists and turns in the book.

In the book Virgil goes over to his friend’s house. His friend Kaori asks him to do a couple favors and bring back 5 rocks. Virgil and Kaori talk about how he thinks he was meant to be friends with a girl in his class. Later the girl ironically becomes the client of Kaori. The girl and Virgil were Kaori’s only clients and were meant to have a meeting. They were supposed to cure the girl of nightmares, but Virgil never came back. On Virgil’s way he sees Chet a bully and ends up stranded in a well with his hamster. With no way out he sits scared. It’s up to Kaori, Kaori’s sister Gen, and the girl to find and rescue their friend.

Overall the book was really great. I would say it is for 4-6 graders. It’s a medium level read and definitely worth buying. Some parts of the book will make you giggle and others will make you never want to put the book down. I would recommend this, but not for the more advanced readers.