Land of Stories

Recently, I’ve finished reading a magical series called the “Land of Stories.” It’s a six book series about two kids’ lives, up until they are old. It is written by Chris Colfer and illustrated by Brandon Dorman.

My favorite part of the story is how all of Disney’s villains and any original villains in the story all fit. The author makes sure no villain included in the story doesn’t fit with the plot and characters. In that way the series makes me feel like all the past stories were only made so that this book makes sense. In fact there are around 49 total main villains, but it doesn’t get confusing once. So in that way it’s a must-read for me. But I will not recommend it to less advanced readers as it is harder to read.

The story has many twists especially at the end of book five. Some parts will keep your adrenaline pumping and others will leave you in tears. Most parts will make you not want to put the book down. In fact the books kept me reading for hours and hours. I liked the series so much I think I reread the books six times.

The story has a nice plot but  it was way too crazy on book six, but in general at the end it got back to a normal craziness level. The first book didn’t feel weird to read and it wasn’t too crazy. It was just a really good fantasy series.

The book starts off with two kids, Alex and Conner, who find a magical book into a fantasy world filled with classic literature. Later the kids must keep this world a secret. Then they go into the world and find out that some classical literature changed after the stories like some of our beloved characters fall in mad love and become criminals. Some other characters become queens and build walls entirely out of red. The kids’ only way out of the world is to collect items to make a wish. But they face trouble when a witch tries to make the last wish. In the 2nd book yet another evil witch tries to destroy the world. The kids must stop her. In the 3rd book the kids find out an army is attacking and try to defend it with the help of fairies and their grandma. But the leader escapes into the world. In the 4th book they find out that the leader the Masked Man is traveling into more books and the duo must chase after them with their gang of friends. In the 5th book they must collect characters from their stories to create an army against the man. Finally, in the last book they must save New York from the greatest villain ever.

Writing this blog is making me want to reread the entire series for a 7th time. (Except for the 2nd one since I don’t have a copy.) Now I’m going to go read the series. So I would definitely recommend starting to read the series one book at a time. Bye.