Book Scavenger

Hello it’s Peanut-Butter blogs again. The third book we will be reviewing is Book Scavenger. As always, we will give you a brief summary.

Emily, the main character, plays an online book hunting game where you find books that others hide and put the clue to find it on the website. She is in her family’s car trying to figure out a clue (cause they’re encrypted in cyphers and riddles) when they pull up to their new house. Emily and her brother get out of the car and start moving in to their new home in San Francisco. At one point she notices her clue solving book is missing. She sees that her neighbor is solving the clue. Little did Emily know it but she and her neighbor, James, were going to go on a hunt to find the original copy of one of Edgar Allan Poe’s unpublished stories.

This is an amazing puzzle-filled book. You can try to solve the clues as you go along and it’s really fun.  You will be hooked until the very end and will want more adventures with Emily and James. We really recommend this book especially if you like puzzles and mystery. This is a great book for 4th and up. Also if you like this book I also recommend The Ambrose Deception, The Parker Inheritance, and Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. If you’ve already read one of these books then you will love the Book Scavenger.