Catching a Storyfish

I’ve read a book recently called “Catching a Storyfish”. It is an intriguing book about a young girl named Katherine, and how she moved from the north to the south. “Catching a Storyfish” was written by Janice H. Harrington. This story is an amazing book made of poems.

What I like most about the story is how descriptive Harrington is in her poems, and how you really see the pictures. I like how she included all different styles of poems. The different types really help you see exactly what is going on as if you’re there with Katherine.

What I dislike is that, this book would be harder for younger kids to read aloud correctly and with a flow because of the different types of poems. So, it’s not a good beginners book. I believe it is aimed toward older kids anyway, but it still might appeal to younger kids.

This story is about a young girl named Katherine, and how she faces many difficulties moving. Her southern accent leads a path for bullies in her class to call her names. It isn’t all bad though; she meets a nice Spanish-speaking girl named Allegra, who is also tormented by bullies, and Allegra and Katherine become very good friends. Another bad part would be that her grandpa gets very sick, but Allegra helps her through it. The title comes from her and her grandpa and that they go fishing together a lot, so, “Catching a Storyfish” is to be still and let the story come to you. Overall, this is an amazing story and I recommend it to more advanced readers.