Beatrix Potter Holiday Tea Party

A witty adaptation of the Beatrix Potter classics, perfect for a young audience

By Amilo Rajandram (age 11)

Alcott Elementary School

December 2019

I recently went to watch a performance at the Chicago Children’s Theatre, called The Beatrix Potter Holiday Tea Party. Now in its sixth year, this consisted of four short plays, which were adaptations of Beatrix Potter’s stories: The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse, The Tailor of Gloucester, The Tale Jeremy Fisher, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This was a heartwarming production about animals living their daily lives. The theater was very small, so the actors could talk to the audience while acting, and sometimes they would run through them too.

The actors were made up of only three people, but the acting was very lively. One of the actors played the music on the violin, and guitar, amongst other instruments, of which I think he wrote the music himself. The other two managed all the puppets and props which consisted of rabbits, mice, cats, toads, and frogs as well as little bugs, which were moved around the audience. The puppets were very interesting, and you got to touch them at the end of the play. Moreover, there were excellent mechanisms used during the performance, that if you turn a knob, rabbits would start jumping, or plants will come out of the ground. Each story had its own little stage made up of various boxes and cases and scrolling backdrops. It was very clever.

At the end, there was a tea party for everyone who watched the production, with cookies, coated pretzels, and hot chocolate. Overall, I think the performance was intelligent, because of all the clever contraptions and witty story-telling. I think that the production is suitable for around an age range of 3-8 years, as it is made for very young people who are kept entertained throughout.


Chicago Children’s Theatre, 100 S Racine Ave, Chicago


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