August Rush: The Musical










This musical was about an eleven year old boy that loved music and ran away from his foster homes to find his parents. The musical was based on a movie that I have not watched, but I really liked this musical and I don’t usually like a lot of musicals. I absolutely loved the music, and I could not tell whether it was the real people playing it or if they faked it, it was so good. The actors had real instruments that they were playing on stage. They also had all kinds of instruments. The background of the stage looked great throughout the whole play, because the background looked like a city. The setting of the play was New York City, which is why the background was so perfect. They also had screens coming from the ceiling, projecting music notes. I liked how they had a screen projecting a missing sign that looked real with the actor’s real face on it, not the actor from the movie. I thought it was cool how they showed where and when the events took place. I also thought it was neat where and how the parents found August. I loved the musical it was absolutely amazing. I recommend it for anyone from ages 11 or older, but I hope all of you watch it whether you have watched the movie or not. Photo by Liz Lauren


August Rush: The Musical is playing at Parmount Theatre in Aurora through June 2.
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