No Words

The first couple of months of school are always challenging for students and teachers, but this year brought the most challenging one of all for many of us in my school’s community.

James Garrett was my student at DuBois for four years. He was an amazing young man with a very bright future. He was loved by so many, because he was always true to himself.

He had begun his senior year at Butler Prep and was the first one in his class to receive college acceptance letters. He wanted to be a teacher and give back to his community. While attending a vigil for someone else, an argument between other people broke out and so did guns. One of the bullets hit James in the back and his life was tragically cut short instantly.

There are no words to ease the pain of his mother and father, his family, friends, and all of the other lives he touched. All I can say is I am so incredibly sorry; James was a very bright star that will never fade.