American Girl Live Review

Review by Isabel C.
The play was about some girls going to an American Girl camp and they learn all about girl power. The people in the show are Leah with her doll Julie, Alyssa and her doll Rebecca, Tori with her doll Maryellen, Nia and her doll Melody, Bella with her doll Nanea, and Rosie and her doll Luciana. The girls got girl power awards for doing good or brave things. They acted like real girls and they were very smart in helping their friends.
A lot of the children in the audience brought their American Girl dolls with them and were extremely excited for the play, because it was all about the main Beforever dolls shown in the stores (Beforever dolls are dolls from specific periods in American history). It was relatable for all the girls with dolls.
The actors in the play were very energetic and full of energy, as they resembled real children playing with their own American Girl dolls at camp. They all helped each other win their awards or just in general helped others.
I hope you enjoyed my review about American Girl Live. I would say it is for kids that have an American Girl doll and that are around ages 4-8. It was a good play, I recommend anyone in the age range or has an American Girl doll should watch it.