A Christmas Carol

By Amilo Rajandram (age 11)

I recently went to watch a play called A Christmas Carol, at the Goodman Theatre. This is a classic story about a grumpy man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who hated everything about Christmas. He was very wealthy, yet he paid his assistant, Bob Cratchet very little. Being a miser, he wouldn’t even spend his money to buy coal for his fireplace.

The theatre was intimate, which I thought was appropriate for this kind of play. There were sets that were rolled on and off the stage, and the actors could go inside them through doors, which I thought was exciting, because it looked like fun. The music was very impressive, and it got dramatic at the right times. In addition to this, it made the unpredictable effects more unpredictable, like when the scene surprises you in a suspenseful situation. There were different dramatic effects, such as happiness, humor, horror, romance, and devastation.

The costumes were brilliant, and they looked very old fashioned, and accurately reflecting the time period. There were some costumes attached to thin wire, so the actors could fly. Moreover, there were costumes from dark hooded men on stilts, to bright people in sparkly gold outfits. Some actors had interesting props, such as pouches that ejected glitter, and light emitting hands.

There were many actors, but they played multiple roles, except for the lead roles. They were convincing in their different characters, and they played their parts well.

Overall, I think the production was marvelous, as it kept me engaged throughout the play. I would suggest an age range of 9+ years to watch this, because some scenes could really make you jump in your seat.

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Goodman Theatre – 170 N Dearborn St, Chicago